Michael D.S. Atkinson
May 7, 2018

Alternative "Until the End" concept art.




Michael D.S. Atkinson
May 7, 2018

I had the idea for the cover well over a year ago but getting if out of my head and into the right hands was a challenge. Before @artbyamymay took up the challenge my friend @ashbox75 took a stab at it. Here is his concept piece.

Michael D.S. Atkinson
May 7, 2018

Another early concept piece by @ashbox75.


Michael D.S. Atkinson
May 7, 2018

Here is the earliest concept piece for "Until the End" by our friend Nudge. Unfortunately he got too busy to paint it so we had to switch artists to meet our production time lines.


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  • T6H - Randy
    Jun 5, 2018

    It has been nearly 2 months since the official release of ' Until the End '. In that time we have had some amazing support from international promoters, networks and radio stations. The following is the top 30 countries who have supported our new album since April 15 ( compiled based on confirmed airplay and album promotion ): 1 USA 2 ENGLAND 3 CANADA 4 GERMANY 5 AUSTRALIA 6 FRANCE 7 JAPAN 8 SCOTLAND 9 NETHERLANDS 10 SWITZERLAND 11 NEW ZEALAND 12 BELGIUM 13 NORWAY 14 CZECHIA 15 DENMARK 16 IRELAND 17 ITALY 18 KOREA 19 SPAIN 20 ROMANIA 21 AUSTRIA 22 BAHAMAS 23 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 24 ISRAEL 26 MEXICO 27 SINGAPORE 28 SRI LANKA 29 SWEDEN 30 POLAND We appreciate our supporters from around the world!
  • Randall Nolson
    May 2, 2018

    After two years of work, our new album "Until the End" officially released on April 15, 2018. Stream: APPLE MUSIC SPOTIFY GOOGLE PLAY Download: iTUNES BANDCAMP OUR WEBSITE Purchase the CD: BANDCAMP EMAIL US
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